Thursday, September 15, 2011

• Marx was born on May 5th, 1818 into a middle class family. He came from a long line of rabbis on both sides of his family.

• At the age of 17, he enrolled the Faculty of Law at the University of Bonn. There, he met the daughter of a Baron, Jenny Von Westphalen, and became engaged to her.

• The year after Karl and Jenny became engaged, Marx’ father sent him to the University of Berlin which had a more serious law program.

• Marx found out about a group called the Young Hegelian movement. The group included the soon to be famous theorist David Friedrich Strauss. The group gave radical critiques of Christianity and, in conjunction, were names the liberal opposition to the Prussian autocracy.

• When Marx finished his degree in Law, he moved into journalism and became an editor in Cologne for a liberal newspaper called Rheinische Zeitung.

• Marx's articles, which were primarily written about controversial economic questions, caused the Prussian government to close the paper.

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