Monday, August 16, 2010


Genre:  Comedy / Romance
Director: Andy Tennant
Main Actors: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James
Rating: PG-13 (Parent appropriate.)
Length:118 minutes

IMDb Synopsis:
In this romantic comedy, Alex Hitchins is a legendary but anonymous date doctor in New York City. Hitch advises klutzy male wallflower clients on ways to make good first impressions on the women of their dreams. To contact Hitch, a man must have a referral from one of his former clients. Once Hitch accepts you as a client, he will coach you on your first three dates; after that, you're on your own. Hitch's newest client is Albert Brennaman, a fat tax accountant in love with a celebrity client, Allegra Cole. Allegra doesn't know that Albert exists, so Albert contacts Hitch to make his dream come true. Hitch decides to make Albert a client, even though, he knows this is going to be tough. While working on this job, Hitch meets Sara Melas, a gossip reporter for a daily tabloid, who is following Allegra's every move. Sara has given up on men, and Hitch wants to cut through that layer, because he is the master of love, so he thinks.

   Let's start with the title. Sarah calls Alex "Hitch" as a play on his last name hence the title.The film is the perfect mix of funny and romantic. It's quirky comedy and cute lines leave you laughing and awww-ing throughout. No matter how many times you watch it, it never gets old. The flashback scenes are extremely well executed. The only negatives (in our opinion's) are that Eva's crying sounds a tad bit like a dying walrus and that some scenes are drawn out for way too long. You're on seadoo's. They're fun. We get it, can we move on now please?

   Hitch is chock full of awesome actors. Eva Mendes is a great actress and our favorite scene of hers was where she exposes the "Date Doctor". She and Will Smith have fabulous chemestry together. They both have that odd sense of humour that makes them people who you want to be friends with. Smith's delivery of his lines and facial expressions accompanying them are ace. His dorky mixups are adorable and he plays the part so well that you cannot help but sympathise with Hitch. Andy Tennant did an amazing job in casting Kevin James as Albert.He is perfect for the adorably geeky, clumsy loser role and it's obvious that he and Smith are friends outside of work.

   We watched this film at aroung 3am, but that wasn't the reason we were giggling uncontrollably for a while afterwards. We enjoyed Hitch and give it a 60%....Erin gave it a four and screwed everything up :P

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